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OmniTrivia welcomes your question submission. We are looking for questions for all categories and all eras, but we specifically need questions from 2000-2011. We also have many more movie/film questions than the other categories, so would like to build up the other areas as much as we can!

Please add "good" questions

What are good questions? Well that's hard to describe, but we can tell you what is a bad question:

  • Questions that only you would know: "What is the name of my cat?" is a bad question. "What is the name of the cat on TV's "Sabrina"?" is a much better question.
  • Questions that are not family friendly. Cursing, while a good form of languge isn't going to keep our app's 9+ rating, lets keep it clean and keep sexual references to a minimum and scientific. Persuade us enough and we might do a 17+ app! (you can email us those requests.)
  • Questions that are well... Wrong. We will be checking the questions for accuracy, don't make our work too hard. Google your question/answers. Check it on Wikipedia or other authoritative sources.
  • Ambigious or controversial questions: What color is the sky? a) blue b) azure c) Carolina, d) water vapor, e) 128, 224, 255... won't cut it. Multiple answers could be right. A good question will have multiple answers that sound right, but we don't want multiple answers that are right are close to being right. Or here is another bad excample: "As of 2010, the United States was at war with how many countries?" Depending on your point of view, it could be Zero, one or two. Techincally the US was at war with Al Quida, not a given nation. But early in 2010, combat operations were going on in two countries which the combat was known by country. Later in 2010, combat operations ended in Iraq. So, 0, 1 or 2 could all be right. To add to it, its a heated political topic which doesn't necessarily add to the game.

So have fun and add some questions for us!

WTF should I do this, spending my time to help your game?

Great question. There is benefit in it for you! Besides being a super nice friend who will get statisfaction that your super trivia skills will be shared worldwide, we are offering the following for your help!

  • Submit at least 10 questions and you will be added to the game credits on the game website!
  • Submit at least 25 questions and not only will you get the above, but we will link to a website of your choice (blog, etc.)
  • Submit at least 50 questions and you will be added to the credits screen on the actual App!
  • Submit at 100 questions or more and you will get a free copy of the app!

Now of course this isn't a lot but we're just starting and its the best we can do. If this takes off and becomes the next Angry Birds, we will take care of our big contributors.

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